Ausvac Mining pty ltd

Curriculum Vitae

Biography of Krzysztof (Kris) Biegaj

Director/Owner of Ausvac Mining P/L

Krzysztof (Kris) Biegaj, the co-founder and Director/Owner of the Ausvac Mining Pty Ltd is a qualified Mining Engineer (Bachelor Degree with Honours from Wroclaw Technical University, Poland) with 25 years+ experience in: KGHM – Biggest in the World U/G Copper/Silver Mining Corporation (practices when studying at Wroclaw University), Walbrzych Underground Coal Mine in Poland (with >6,000 People U/G - practical training, U/G Shift Boss, A/g Section Superintendent and Mines Rescue Superintendent in Walbrzych Regional Mines Rescue Station with >25,000 People working U/G in the 500 year old coal mining region).

Since March 1986 living and working in Australia, Melbourne (Mechanical/Design Engineer in Forklift Engineering PL). From February 1987 onwards working in Mining Industry: Western Australian Department of Mines (2 years as Senior Ventilation Officer in Karratha and 2.5 years as District Inspector of Mines in Kalgoorlie/Deputy Regional Mining Engineer), April 1992 to 2002 - management of underground nickel and gold mines with WMC Resources Limited/CNGC (>10 years including open pit gold operations at CNGC in Norseman).

The Ausvac Mining Pty Ltd was established in 2000 in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia (together with Paul Maher - then the Business Partner), where the first in Australia (possibly in the World) truly mobile underground supersucker/giant highly efficient mobile vacuum cleaner was designed and constructed, initially to carry out underground winzing. Due to the lack of interest from the Australian mining industry to carry out winzing, the machine was modified to carry out vacuuming/recovery of high-grade ore left behind on mine floors and to carry out underground/surface sumps and mills clean-downs.

From mid - 2002 to date (in-between the eight hands-on Supersucker mine floor material recovery projects in 2003-2011 in Australia), Kris Biegaj has been performing various Mine Management/Mining Consultant – Business Improvement roles on gold and metalliferous mines (both underground and open pit – iron ore included) in Far-East Siberia in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kamchatka in Russia, Australia and Ghana. Most recently, Kris Biegaj has been working as Mine Manager/Project Manager/Mining Manager/Relieve General Manager/Registered Manager, Executive Manager – Mining, Mining Consultant – Business Improvement in Australia, Russia, Ghana, Mongolia and Philippines.

Kris Biegaj holds WA 1-st Class Mine Manager’s Certificates of Competency - both Metalliferous and Coal and has been a Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) since 1992.